Homecooking is trendy, jump in Thermomix. An all in one machine that is sturdy and durable, just like its inventors, the German company Vorwerk.  In Italy it’s called ‘Bimby’ and no wedding registry would be complete without one.  Italian housewives love it, Italian chefs love it, Europeans including Brits love it too.  The company’s personalized way of marketing and selling the kitchen machine is the key to their success in Europe but also to their failure in the US … so far.   According to an unexpected article published on the Smithsonian.com last year, price may be the main deterrent at a hefty $1,300.  ‘Bimby’ cult followers in Italy, Spain and Portugal prefer to invest in the all-in-one gem instead of ipads or tablets (source: WSJ) and if you think about how much we spend on upgrading our cell phones every year, paying just as much for something that upgrades every 10 years seems like a good investment.