Salone del Gusto‘ and ‘Terra Madre‘ is a Slow Food Italy event held in Turin – capitol of the Piedmont region of Italy – where all echelons of the food cult gather to compare notes, network, and … well, eat!  Kick off was October 22nd and will last thru October 27th.  Highlights of the fair include cooking classes, a lot of which focus on ‘leftovers’; taste workshops to discover flavor and blending; The Kiln series focusing on bread and pizza; plus a list of local farms open for business promoting urban farming.

‘Terra Madre’ or ‘Mother Earth’ is a Slow Food initiative aimed at raising awareness and preserving quality in small scale, local food production and markets. Members of the extensive Mother Earth community come from diverse backgrounds ranging from farming, breeding, fishing, and other food industries plus chefs and cooks, teachers, professors, and other members of academia and higher education; as well as observers, volunteers, and afficionados.