Flowers and food: what a lovely pair! If you’re carrying roses to the altar, why not make them your theme throughout the day and scent your menu with rose garden recipes?

The real star at any Italian wedding reception – after the bride and groom 😉 – is the food. The celebratory meal is something guests enjoy and remember the most. Just think how romantically intoxicating to surround them with sweet smelling roses.

Rose scented ravioli

450 g ricotta
45 g cream
rose crumbs*

Sieve the ricotta, add the cream and the rose crumbs; let sit overnight.
add aromas to the cream paste as you wish:

  • fresh ground pepper, salt, grated orange rind
  • savory, basil, salt, grated lemon rind
  • marjoram (3g), salt
  • apple, cinnamon, almond, salt

Fill ravioli (dough made separately) with paste as desired.

rose petal pesto

* use edible roses only, see here for information