There are many reasons to love the end of summer:  blackberries, figs, olives, grapes … to name a few.

Blackberries are tricky little buggers to nab.  They ripen to plump & juicy suddenly and then even if the plants are plentiful, they are good for the picking only for about a week; then they dry up.  They start out red as raspberries then magically, they turn black.  Yellow jackets love them and spiders love to set up traps to catch all the lovely flying insects that flock around these sweet smelling bushes.

blackberry spider

Prime time for picking blackberries in Tuscany is mid-August and this year they were right on time.


We divide our pickings between jam, blackberry liqueur, and we freeze the rest.  Jam is a little tedious, we put the berries through an electric sieve twice to eliminate all the seeds.

blackberry jam 1

We use 2 to 1 pectin called ‘Fruttapec’, almost 2 kilos of blackberries yields about a kilo of jam.

An elegant wedding fragrance to pair with blackberries is roses.