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Italian Wedding

Mock up your Italian Wedding florals

Closing the distance from your destination wedding in Italy is Fleurish, where you are the fleurist 😉 designing your own florals. Invented in sunny California (where else?) by successful Pico blvd fleurist and owner of The Hidden Garden Amy Marella (Italian… Continue Reading →

Photographer no show

Alison pinched the soft silk fabric just above the knee and lifted the hem so the toe of her satin Jimmy Choo’s could reach out and gently land on the top step of a very steep, stone staircase.  One hand… Continue Reading →

Taormina wedding recipe

Lemons are to Sicily as grapes are to Tuscany, so a recipe with this secret island ingredient is called for at every wedding in Italy down south. Lemon-wrapped meatballs 1 and 1/2 lbs lean ground beef 1/2 cup pecorino cheese,… Continue Reading →

Wedding in Taormina

It’s September and it’s just gorgeous – a handful of tourists, locals offering the best. Perfect weather. Perfect atmosphere. Perfect Italy Wedding.   I always find a bride wherever I go. Maybe I go to popular wedding destinations? Maybe I… Continue Reading →

Italian wedding saying: “tra moglie e marito nun mettere o’ dito, tra marito e mogliera, nun mettere o’ pede” trans. don’t meddle in the affairs between husband and wife

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